How to Cure a Lazy Eye?

The best way to cure a lazy eye is by using a patch. The patch must be worn for a certain amount of time.


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how to cure a lazy eye?

1. Treat your eye as soon as possible. If you see that one of your eyes is straying off then you need to go to a doctor to help you diagnose this problem. 2. Usually glasses will …more

How to Fix a Lazy Eye?

A way to try and fix the lazy eye without surgery is to get an eye patch and cover the good eye. It makes the lazy eye work harder thus building the muscle in that eye. For more information…more

What Causes Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye can be caused by anything that interferes with your vision (mostly in the first 6 years of life). Lazy eye can be causes by cataract, lid droop or trauma as well….more

What is a Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is a common childhood problem. One eye cannot focus properly so the other eye compensates. The problem is usually detected at a routine eye exam….more