Creamy Cervical Mucus?

Creamy cervical mucus is usually a sign that you are about to ovulate. The mucus is usually thicker than normal and its also a little bit creamy. Cervical mucous can be used in determining the fertility status.

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What is Cervical Mucus?

When you are at the end of your pregancy, you will see this mucus because the mucus plug is about to come out. And then your water will probably break….more

what’s the difference between creamy and watery cervical mucus?

When you get EWCM ( fertile mucus) you will know it! It will stretch several cms between your fingers and come out in globs. Sorry if that’s TMI! If you’re concerend about your cm…more

what does creamy cervical mucus mean?

What you described deff was when you were ovulating! have you calculated you are fertile and what day you ovulate of course it’s coming up negative bc implantation has to happen this…more

What does Cervical Mucus Look Like?

Cervical mucus changes in consistency, color and quantity, depending on the phase of your menstral cycle. Cervical discharge can range from clear to slightly white or milky white …more