Crawling Skin Feeling?

The medical term used to describe the feeling of your skin crawling is referred to as formication. It can be caused by many things including high fever, herpes zoster, syphilis, and skin cancer. It is also a side effect of cocaine and opiate use and withdrawal. It can also occur during menopause in women and a related condition referred to as Morgellan’s disease. There are a variety of treatments and therapies to help eliminate the feeling of crawling skin.



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what causes a skin crawling sensation?

A cause of skin crawling sensation can be experienced when a women is going through menopause. At this point the hormones are changing from the hot liver that is overworked but then…more

Why do you feel as if something is crawling under your skin?

When the flow of blood under that particular part is minimal then you might get such a feeling. A2: You might actually have something crawling under your skin. It wouldn’t be a bad …more

What could be the cause of you feeling something crawling on your skin?

Allergic reaction to meds you are already taking….more

what causes the feeling of your skin “crawling?

It is called is paresthesia. It has to do with the neurons and their mis-firing. The causes can be multiple reasons. It can be from disease, mal-nutrition, headache, vitamin deficiency…more